Find Your Missing Business Potential

If your business has seen some fluctuations:

What would your business look like if you could accurately predict how much business you could do?

Where will more business come from?

With the recent challenging markets in Calgary, has your business continued to grow or have you noticed a decline?

And if you are like most agents, you have no tools available to you to measure your untapped business potential. At CIR we’ve developed those tools along with proven systems to help our agents build their businesses (we have received fantastic feedback on them!).
Would you be interested in sitting down for a coffee with us to review your business? You will be introduced to our powerful business planning tool, and we can show you the new services offered to all our agents.
Here is a preview of the questions you will have answers to after completing CIR’s Business Plan.
  1. Are you aware that real estate breaks down to two very simple principles?
    Have a list of people and provide value to those people!
  2. Do you have the marketing systems in place to provide value to your clients?
  3. Do you have the strategies to grow your client list?
  4. Do you know the income projections based on the clients that you currently have, and are you able to improve your business year-over-year?
  5. Do you enjoy working in a collaborative environment while building a successful business (and still have fun along the way)?

Please let us know when the best time for you to sit down to discuss your unrealized business potential. Fill out the form below if you are interested in Finding Your Missing Business Potential.

Realizing Lost Potential

Start your plan by thinking about what you want to achieve; make it something that excites and compels you when you think about it!