Nine Habits for Success in “Giving the Business” – Ninja Selling

Do you know the Ninja Nine? Do you practice it daily? You can improve your real estate business exponentially when you do!

Nine Habits for Success in “Giving the Business”:

1. Daily Gratitudes

2. Show up!
Stop opening my email first. Resist the addiction! Instead, do one hour of productive work first. Work “On” my business in the morning. Work “In” my business in the afternoon.

3. Write two personal notes.

4. Focus on my Hot List daily.
“Who can I write a contract with this week?”

5. Focus on my Warm List daily.

6. Focus on my Customer Service Calls weekly.

7. Schedule two Real Estate Reviews this week.

8. Schedule 50 live contacts this week.

9. Update my database for property matches (weekly)
– What holds me back from doing this? Fear?
– What is fear? Fear is the absence of love.
– Get into a state of love. How can I make someone’s day?
– The fear goes away.

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