Financial and Production Goals Worksheet for Realtors

Do you need some help mapping out your goals and putting together a business plan for your new career in real estate?

Or, maybe are you a practicing real estate agent looking for more consistency in your business to help you meet your financial goal this year.

This handy template, courtesy of our partner Jared James with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is a great start!

Financial and Production Goals Worksheet

My Net Income Goal for the year: $_______________

1. My closed commission (GCI) goal for the year: $_______________

2. My average commission per side (unit) will be: $_______________

3. The number of closed sales (sides) necessary to achieve my income goal (#1 divided by #2): _______________

4. My projected closings will come from: A. Listings sold: ________________ B. Buyers sold: ________________

5. Projecting that ___________% of my listings will sell, the number of listings I will need to take in will be (#4A divided by the % of #5):________________

6. Considering that ______% of my buyer contracts will cancel, I will need to write a total number of (#4B divided by (100% minus the % of #6)): ________________

7. Since I plan to get listings on ______% of my listing appointments, I will need to go on the following number of listing appointments (#5 divided by the % of #7): ________________

8. Since I sell a home to _______% of the buyers I work with, I will need to work with the following number of new buyers (#6 divided by the % of #8):________________

9. My total number of appointments needs to be: Listing appointments ________ Per Month ___________Per Week New Buyers ________ Per Month ___________Per Week Total ________ Per Month ___________Per Week