Your Personal Brand Matters – How We Let YOU Shine



What makes CIR REALTY different than other real estate brands and brokerages is that we believe our number 1 job is to LET YOU SHINE.

This means we recognise the importance of using personal branding in a way that lets you differentiate yourself and helps you build a unique identity for your own business.


While we know the CIR brand is a stamp of confidence for consumer’s and the real estate industry as a whole, we firmly believe that allowing Realtors to combine the power of our brand with their brand is absolutely in the best interest of the Realtor – and that is what we stand for. This means CIR REALTY allows Realtors to create and use custom signage, marketing materials and personal logos whenever and wherever they would like to do so as long as the CIR brand is also clearly represented.


Your clients choose to work with YOU knowing you have the full support of a strong, stable and market leading brokerage behind you. While the brokerage you belong to will always be critically important, by no means should it be more important that you and your business.  If you are at a brokerage that restricts the use of personal branding, you need to ask yourself if your interests and your business are being put first, or if the brand of the brokerage is putting their own goals ahead of your own.

Here are some current examples of custom Realtor signage that perfectly integrates their own unique flavour with the CIR brand.

Courtesy of Lisa Gallant – CIR REALTY










Courtesy of Jemmie Li – CIR REALTY










Courtesy of Brett Murrell – CIR REALTY










Courtesy of Tammy and Amanda Panchuk










Courtesy of John Mayberry and The Calgary Homeboys










Courtesy of Gord Piper and TSW











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